The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax/Ghàidhlig Sgoil an Àrd-bhaile – Preserving the Celtic Tongue and Culture in Nova Scotia

The resurgence of Gaelic culture and language in Nova Scotia serves as an inspiration in our efforts to preserve, protect and promote the Celtic culture of the Six Nations. We at Transceltic salute the efforts of the Gaelic Language Society of Halifax.

The following are excerpts from the web site of the The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax

Gaelic is an essential component of Nova Scotia’s identity. It is a language with a rich legacy of storytelling, poetry, song and literature. Hundreds of thousands of Nova Scotians and millions of Canadians are connected to Gaelic culture through their heritage. It is the mission of Ghàidhlig Sgoil an Àrd-bhaile (the Gaelic Language Society of Halifax) to cherish and foster this connection by offering innovative Gaelic language classes, organizing events that celebrate Gaelic culture, and providing a community for Gaelic speakers in the Halifax area.

Mission Statement: The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax promotes, provides and supports community-based authentic Nova Scotia Gaelic language learning, within a cultural context, for people of all ages in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Vision Statement: The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax is a vibrant and forward-thinking organization that employs, develops and celebrates authentic Nova Scotia-Gaelic speakers in a thriving and growing Gaelic community in the Halifax Regional Municipality.


·         To celebrate and promote Gaelic language, tradition, values, spirit and culture as it has been and continues to be expressed in Nova Scotia

·         To be guided in preserving Gaelic by the authentic language, tradition and cultural expression that has defined Gaelic Nova Scotia for generations.

·         To foster a healthy environment for a community of Gaelic speakers to grow, develop and thrive.

·         To inform community members of Gaelic language and cultural activities happening across the province.

·         To use the Gàidhlig aig Baile methodology to transmit language in a natural setting.

·         To create opportunities for learners of all levels and ages in and outside of class activities.

Sgoil Ghàidhlig an Àrd-Bhaile

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