French Campaign Against Breton Language and Culture Continues

As reported in EurActive, the political establishment of France continues to discriminate against Breton and other minority languages that currently fall within their administration:

French centre-right MEPs voted against a resolution on endangered regional languages, passed by a large majority in the European Parliament this week, claiming that it violated the unity of the French Republic.
With 92%, EU lawmakers gave their overwhelming backing on Wednesday (11 September) to a report, prepared by the Green group, aimed at protecting endangered and minority languages across Europe.

When elected President François Hollande announced he would ratify the charter, but reneged on this in the first half of 2013. Minority languages in France are often spoken in areas with a separatist history. France has long standing repressive policies towards the Breton language. The French Government continues this campaign of discrimination against the Celtic Breton language by refusing to ratify the "The European Charter For Regional or Minority Languages".  In doing so they want to deprive Breton speakers of the rights and privileges protected by the Charter.

Within Europe, Celtic languages are also spoken in the six Celtic nations of Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Isle of Man.