BBC Propaganda Machine Tries to Counter Rise in Celtic Nationalism

In promoting the increasingly outdated idea of being ‘British’, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is attempting to try and counter the latest census results. The recently released 2011 Census results of the island of Britain reveals that 62.4% of people in Scotland see themselves as solely Scottish and 57.5% in Wales as solely Welsh. Just 18.3% of people in Scotland declared themselves to be “Scottish and British identities only” and only 8.4% in Scotland saw themselves as “British identity only”.

The BBC News Article “How British is Britain” on 30th September 2013 appears desperate to try and explain away or ignore why the majority in both countries reject the nationality of ‘British’.  In a bizarre interpretation of the results the BBC News article asserts -“Britishness, it would appear, is an identity quite at home in the 21st Century”! This is after they had already reported that people were clearly rejecting that identity, pointing out that in Wales “children and young people are less likely to describe themselves as British than their parent-about 16% compared to 18%.” Meanwhile, the national aspirations of the Cornish people, with their own clear and distinct Celtic identity and one of the Celtic Nations, is not seen as worthy of comment by the BBC. 

The BBC seems determined to push the idea of being ‘British’ to a population that rejects that national identity. In doing so perhaps the ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation has an eye to its own future survival as the ‘nations’ broadcaster. It also comes at a time when increasing media attention will be focused on next year's Scottish referendum vote for an Independent Scotland.

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