All fellow Celtic peoples, comrades and friends are invited to sign and spread this petition for Cornwall!

We invite one and all to sign this petition and to pass it around your family and friends for them to sign as well. Each person may sign it individually and it doesn't matter where you live. It doesn't have to be in Cornwall.

It’s not asking for independence. It’s merely asking the government to devolve real power to a Cornish assembly. That will allow the best decisions for Cornwall and the people of Cornwall, wherever they are from, to be made locally and not hundreds of miles away. It will give the people of Cornwall a far bigger voice over our internal affairs.

Cornwall suffers from being at the periphery of the state, miles away from the capital and the majority of public spending and making. We need real devolution, to control our own destiny and have a say in the important decisions that matter. To rebuild Cornwall's economy and make our little part of this island a better place.

We are going to be circulating this a lot in the coming weeks. Let’s really support this campaign and try to make our Cornwall a better place for everyone. After all, if London, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey, The Isle of Man, Gibralter, the Falkland Islands and many other places can have such a thing, then why not Cornwall. We are mature enough, after all!

Thank you!

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