Conwy Castle - Castell Conwy

Castell Conwy

This very impressive rectangular late thirteenth century castle with massive defensive walls, eight round towers was built by Edward 1 and seen as important strategically. They were constructed in just four years and once built Edward ensured that he filled the castle and town with his own countryment at the expense of the Welsh. Defensive walls protect the medieval sections of Conway town. The walls and towers are intact with internal remains of accommodation and the great hall. The castle is sited on a natural rocky outcrop which gives control of the Conwy Estuary.

This is a very impressive site to visit. The views from the towers are spectacular. If you are prepared and able to climb the narrow winding internal tower stone stairs then you will find that it really is worth the effort. We visited on a sunny July day which made the experience even more enjoyable. The location is at Conwy on the A55.

Castell Conwy (Carved Figure)
Castell Conwy - Tower
Castell Conwy
Castell Conwy - Internal
Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle (2)
Castell Conwy. View over the bay.
Welsh Flag over Castell Conwy
Seagull Nesting on Castell Conwy
View from Conwy Castle
Castell Conwy chamber
Inside Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle tower
Looking from Castell Conwy
Inside Conwy Castle
Castell Conwy view from the wall
Conwy Castle looking west
Looking east from Castell Conwy
Looking southeast from Castell Conwy
Conwy Castle 4

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