North Ronaldsay

This is the northern most island in Orkney. There are daily flights to Orkney Mainland and Ferry services from Kirkwall and Papa Westray. The ferry docks at South Bay and the largest settlement is Hollandstoun which is about a mile north of South Bay and also close to the airport. The island was first inhabited about 2000BC.

Howmae Brae

Little can now be seen of this Iron Age settlement which consisted of two large roundhouses on either side of a paved courtyard. The site is located east from the pier in South Bay and the south east arc of a wheelhouse, two upright slabs and some traces of wall can be seen on this site which is overblown with sand. 

Broch of Burrain

Southeast from Howmae Brae was a tower which formed the centre of what was an extensive Iron Age settlement on the shore of Strom Ness. The site was occupied into the Pictish period. A mound and some wall remains can be seen. 

Stan Stane

This is a thirteen feet high standing stone with a hole through it's upper part. It is located north from South Bay and east from the main road towards Hollandstown and east from Loch Gretchen.

Old Beacon

This was the third lighthouse built in Scotland and was constructed between 1788 and 1789. It is located in the north east of North Ronaldsay east of Bewan Loch at Dennis Head.

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