Balfarg Henge

Balfarg Henge

Balfarg is one of a complex of related sites that were associated with ritual and burial from 4000 BC to 1500 BC. There were three major parts of the complex that were excavated between 1970-85 and restored and partially reconstructed. The sites include the Henge, enclosure and two stone circles. It is located north of Glenrothes (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Ràthais). Taking the A92 north turn left along the B969. Then left into Huntsman Road, left again into Kilmichael Road and look for Henge Crescent. The henge is in the middle of a small housing estate but is easily accessible.

The site at Balfarg Henge was excavated in 1977-78 by Historic Scotland with later work undertaken between 1983-85 that uncovered a further nearby Neolithic burial enclosure. The site was in use from before 4000 BC until about 2000 BC. A number of ditches were dug which contained Neolithic pottery with fragments of burnt wood and bone. In the centre of the henge is a large two ton slab of stone. This covered the body of a young person thought to be that of a male aged about 20 years. With the body was buried a flint knife and finely made handled Beaker. The henge was built within a 60m circular ditch, the soil of which was used to build a large bank surrounding the henge. A circle of massive timbers was raised with two timbers making a porch. The wooden posts that can be seen today are a much smaller reconstruction of the site of those original posts. The timber circle was eventually replaced by a circle of standing stones, or possibly two concentric stone circles. Two of the standing stones can be seen today. One is a portal stone and the other is one which formed part of the stone circle.


Balfarg Henge
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