Scotland - Alba

The country of Scotland (Alba) has a border with England to the south and is surrounded by the North Sea to the east, Atlantic Ocean to the north and west and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the southwest. Scotland's mainland covers an area of some 30,414 square miles and is very varied with the Highlands to the north and west, the Lowlands to the south and east and Southern Uplands. Scotland is known for it’s many Lochs, mountains, rivers and both dramatic and gently sweeping coastlines. Scotland has over 790 islands, including those making up the Inner and Outer Hebrides and Orkney and Shetland.

Scottish language - Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic (Goidelic) is a language native to Scotland. In Gaelic, Scotland is known as Alba. It is one of the two insular Inter-Celtic languages known as Goidelic and closely linked with Irish and Manx Gaelic. The other Celtic language is Brythonic spoken in Wales Cornwall and Brittany. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh and Glasgow is the largest City.

Introduction to Scottish history