In the rich Celtic mythological tales of Brittany the Korrigans form a group of female entities who are associated with rivers and wells. Sometimes they are described as fairy like creatures with beautiful golden hair. They are seen in some tales as changelings who can alter their shape. They can lure men with their beauty and have the power to make them fall in love with them. If a man falls in love with a Korrigan they will kill him.

Korrigans are sometimes described as druidesses who fought against the Christian conversation of their supernatural domain. They are also associated with Halloween, which has its origins in the old Celtic New Year on 31st October. On this night some say they can be seen, waiting for victims near the ancient megalithic dolmens, tumuli and menhirs that are found in abundance in Brittany. Most famously in the Carnac area of Morbihan where Neolithic alignments of standing stones date back tothe 5th millennium BC.

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