Writing on the wall for Labour and Parti socialiste traitors in the Celtic lands

Yesterday in Ireland, as reported in the Irish Times, Labour Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton was trapped in a car for two hours after being surrounded by demonstrators protesting against water charges. She had to be rescued by Garda Síochána officers (Police) and the Public Order Unit when her vehicle was trapped within a large angry crowd in the Jobstown area of west Dublin. Joan Burton, who is also the Irish Republic’s minister for social protection, was attending a graduation ceremony.

As is the case in all of the Celtic nations, Labour and the Parti socialiste have proven to be traitors. In Brittany there are many within their ranks who would seek the destruction on that nation. In Wales they preside over years of inequality in the poorest nation in western Europe. In Scotland they teamed up with the Tories in stabbing the Scottish nation in the back by opposing independence in the referendum. In Ireland, as exposed yesterday, they are an unpopular partner in the equally unpopular Fine Gael led government which is imposing unjust water taxes on the people.

Of course, the real way to deal with such people is to defeat then in the ballot box. In all elections they need to be driven out of the Celtic lands.

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