Welsh flag flies proudly once more at Neath Castle

Neath Castle (Castell Nedd)  is located in the town centre of Neath, Wales ( Castell-nedd, Cymru). It stands in a strategic place that guards an important river crossing. The site is that of a twelfth century Norman castle that possibly replaced an earlier fortification. The castle was persistently attacked by the Welsh and after being burnt by the great Welsh prince Llewellyn ap Iorwerth it was rebuilt in stone. It was sacked again in the fifteenth century and the gatehouse seen today was built. Sections of the curtain wall also remain.

Recently many residents of the town and indeed in other parts of Wales were horrified to see the Union flag, national flag of the United Kingdom, being hoisted in place of the Welsh flag outside of the castle. Local councillor Jamie Evans raised the issue of the flag switch. It has now been explained that the prior to a firework display before Christmas the Welsh flag was lowered and found to need replacing due to its poor condition. Hence the idea of the Union Flag being hoisted on a temporary basis. Needless to say it would have been better not to have flown any flag rather than the Union Flag. Notably, the home countries of Wales (Cymru) and Cornwall (Kernow) are not represented separately in the Union Flag (Isle of Man/Mannin is not part of the United Kingdom and has its own flag). All of the Celtic nations have their own flags. Now the Welsh flag is once again to resume its rightful place outside of the castle. 



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