Support for Catalonia needs to be stronger than ever as dark clouds of further Spanish repression loom on Catalan border

Since the beginning of Catalonia's bid for a referendum on independence, the Spanish Government has made every effort to prevent it. As the date for the referendum approached the Spanish state mounted a disgraceful degree of repression. During the period leading to the vote on 1st October 2017 the Spanish police force arrested 15 Catalan Government officials. The Spanish Civil Guard then searched a number of newspaper offices without warrants and large amounts of referendum material was seized. On the polling day itself there were atrocious acts of violence perpetrated against peaceful Catalans seeking to exercise their right to vote and the theft of ballot boxes. 

Great credit has to go to the brave people of Catalonia who stood out against the acts of intimidation and violence in order to cast their vote. A vote that has resulted in support for the independence of Catalonia from Spain. Let us be clear, no matter what negotiation with Spain that has been attempted by the Catalan government, the Spanish government has remained belligerent and intransigent throughout. This is a stance that continues, with armed occupation of Catalonia and statements about the suspension of sessions of the elected Catalan parliament. Needless to say, the appearance on television of the unelected King Felipe VI of Spain, denouncing the Catalan people for their audacity in wanting to exercise heir democratic right to vote, without even any mention of the unacceptable violence of the Spanish state, was met with howls of derision in Catalonia. 

Self-determination is the legal right of a people to decide their own destiny. Self-determination is enshrined in international treaties, including the United Nations Charter, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR), and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ICESCR. Catalonia, now more then ever, needs support. That support is not coming from the European Union. Their credibility has been badly damaged by their lack of response to the violence in Spain. They will now forever be seen as hypocrites when preaching democracy in foreign countries. It appears the Eurocrats have little respect for democracy. Their main objective seems to be to collect their salaries and expenses cheques, whilst waddling around the bars and restaurants of Brussels and Stasbourg at the European tax payers expense.

Our full support needs to remain solidly behind the people of Catalonia at this time. Our condemnation of the Spanish Government’s violence and actions in violating basic democratic freedoms in Catalonia needs to continue. Dark clouds of further Spanish repression are looming on the borders of Catalonia. Now, more than ever the people of Catalonia need our solid backing. 


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