A song for Cornwall - Cornwall Council given Private Eye magazine award - the Petition - National Trust commits criminal damage...again!

Kan rag Kernow - A Song for Cornwall

Friday 19th January, 2018 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Lowenac Hotel, Basset Road, Camborne, Cornwall  TR14 8SL

Kernow Pan Celtic aims to promote Cornish language and culture, principally through participation in the Pan Celtic festival held annually in Ireland.

This event is to choose a song to enter into the Pan Celtic Song Competition at that Festival. All songs are performed in Cornish.

Five bands in competition plus a set from award-winning Macquarrie and Toms! Book here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/cornwall-pan-celtic-12626307766

Tickets are £6 in advance and £7 on the door.

The Pan Celtic Festival website is here: http://www.panceltic.ie/

Cornwall Council win Rotten Borough Award - for Blue Sky Thinkers 

Not really a cause for celebration, more of a cause for concern, is that once again, Cornwall Council, OUR Council after all and one which OUR taxes pay for has once again figured in Private Eye Magazine and winning the Rotten Borough Award.

This time, Kremlin Kernow has become a point of national - and probably international - ribaldry over the expenditure of £75,000 of taxpayers money on a completely nonsensical report commissioned from an upcountry agency. In truth, anyone in Kernow could have done better and at a fraction of the cost!

More background to this latest nonsense may be read in 'Cornish Stuff' which is fast becoming the place where trusted news can be read that others fear to report: https://cornishstuff.com/2017/11/04/cornish-stuff-can-exclusively-reveal-just-how-much-cornwall-council-has-paid-lancashire-consultants-thinkingplace/

Meanwhile, the petition which calls for the resignation of Cornwall's Chief Planning Officer continues to grow and has now reached the 4,500 mark heading towards its target of 5,000. There have been some astonishing revelations in petition updates as well.

Here is a link to the petition over which KMTU has no control: https://www.change.org/p/cornwall-council-phil-mason-council-s-chief-planning-officer-has-failed-cornwall-and-must-resign

National Trust damaging Cornish sites - again!

Following the National Trust's criminal damage committed at Levant where they have drilled into buildings which form part of UNESCO recognised Cornwall's Mining World Heritage Estate and then gone on to put in place steel cables, we are informed that three Enforcement Notices for works carried out at Levant Beam Engine Museum, Compressor House and Higher Levant Mine have now, according to the Council web site, had a course of action agreed.

This won't stop the National Trust though. 

The criminals at the Trust have repeated the action at Porthmeor, Zennor, in the little valley between Bosigran and Porthmeor farms. 

There are several Grade II Listed structures here in a close group, so this hideous steel cable (the same that has been used at Levant) can be construed as unauthorised work within the curtilage of a Listed Building, and certainly affecting the setting of a Listed Building. Once again, as at Levant, the National Trust is responsible for doing this and, again, arrogant enough to do it without any application for Listed Building Consent.

Known increasingly as the 'National Front' by many, we have been actively encouraging people not to joint the Trust, to cancel their membership or fail to renew their membership. More and more in Cornwall are now carefully watching this out of control organisation and photographing and reporting their crimes.

As with English Heritage, the best place for the Trust is somewhere the other side of the Tamar. Cornwall so desperately needs it's own Heritage Agency.

Attached photographs show the Trust's infatuation with steel cables at Levant and now Porthmeor.

Kernow bys vyken!

Kernow Matters To Us Steering Group

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