Safety Zone Around 'Zombie' Nuclear Plant Extended

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A decade and a half after Celtic League call ONR issue new safety zone guidance

The Liverpool Daily Post is carrying a story today saying that the safety zone around Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey is being extended following new guidance issued by the Office for Nuclear Regulation:…/danger-zone-around-former-angl…

Presumably this means other plants including Heysham and Sellafield which pose a threat to the Irish Sea area will be subject to similar extensions although no word on this yet.

The existing zone is to be extended from 1.6 to 2.5 miles this still falls sort of the suggestion Celtic League made over a decade and a half ago that the safety zone should be extended to 10 miles.

The Celtic League adopted a resolution in July of 2000 at its Annual General Meeting (held that year in the Isle of Man). Subsequently we wrote to the UK, Manx and Irish government urging a safety zone review.

While the new safety zone still falls short of our (10 mile) objective any improvement is welcome.

It is interesting that the decision to extend the zone at Wylfa is the first announcement of this as Wylfa effectively came off line last December and stopped producing electricity. The ‘zombie’ plant, as with those still active, obviously is still considered a potential hazard.

The UK move comes as other European countries are also beefing up nuclear site safety and preparedness

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