Report Raises Concerns about Healthcare Services to Welsh Speakers

A report from Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws has pointed out concerns raised by Welsh speaking patients about healthcare services provided in their own language.  The report said that 90% agreed that Welsh speakers should have the right to express themselves in Welsh when dealing with health services wherever they live in Wales. This is after a wide disparity was found in different parts of the country when patients sought to access care in their own language. The report found that just 28% of Welsh speakers’ previous experiences with primary care were through the medium of Welsh. It went on to say that 82% agreed they should be offered a Welsh language service as a right. 

This report comes after a number of high-profile cases in which Welsh speakers were not provided appropriate services in their language. The Commissioner said: “I have been very concerned to hear of some worrying experiences that Welsh speakers and their families have had to face in not being able to access healthcare appropriate to their needs. I truly hope that this report is the beginning of the end to such experiences”. The report goes on to make 33 recommendations to the Welsh Government.

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