New Year's Honours knighthood for Cornishman Professor John Curtice who predicted the 2017 election result

He stunned the nation with exit poll that accurately stated Theresa May would lose her Commons majority

Sir John Curtice, born in St Austell and educated in Truro, was regarded by some as a winner of election night when he stunned the nation by foreseeing that Theresa May would lose her Commons majority – despite the Tories wielding a significant lead over Labour in the polls at the start of the campaign.

The 64-year-old psephologist, who has become an unlikely celebrity through his work on elections over the last three decades, said he was “surprised - and humbled” to be honoured.

Sir John, a professor of politics at Strathclyde University, said: "Just six months ago the exit poll I led surprised everyone with a shock prediction that went on to be uncannily accurate. Now it is my turn to be surprised - and humbled - by the gracious decision to grant me a knighthood.

"It is not something I ever expected to happen. But it appears that my attempts to analyse public opinion and outline its implications for the country's political life and public policy are appreciated."


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