Manx government shocked by it's own unpopularity or maybe it just doesn't care!

There is a terrible arrogance prevailing in the Manx government at this time. They really do not seem to have understood how very unpopular they are amongst the Manx population. Or, even worse, perhaps they do understand but just don't care! That certainly appeared to be the case when Manx Chief Minister Allan Bell seemed to question the whole purpose of a public demonstration against Post Office closures which took place in January 2015 (as reported on Manx Radio). It is certainly rare for Manx people to engage in public demonstrations and Allan Bell appeared to be put on the back foot when he was faced with public opposition. 

Perhaps the government thought that the Manx people not being forced to take to the streets somehow meant a sort of acquiescence to bad government. However, for the Manx government to arrogantly dismiss the concerns raised by the population for a number of years is unforgivable. Mec Vannin speakers at the this years Illiam Dhône commemoration which took place on 2nd January 2015, (Illiam Dhône 14 April 1608 - 02 January 1663 was a Manx nationalist and politician, who was executed on 2nd January 1663 for his part in the Manx Rising of 1651), warned the government that the people were being pushed too far with their cuts and austerity agenda.

The new budget that has just been announced by Manx Treasury Minister Eddie Teare has done nothing to allay peoples fears. It was roundly criticised in a TV interview with The Celtic League's Director of Information, Bernard Moffatt who accused the government of 'tightening the belt around the throat of the population of the Isle of Man.' He called for a proper dialogue with the community to seek ideas to address the issues facing the Island at this time.

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