Manx Government announces plan to improve Public Rights of Way

In this article in YN COMMMEEYS CELTIAGH - CELTIC NEWS MANNIN a plan to improve Public Rights of Way has been announced by the Isle of Man Government's Department of Infrastructure. The poor state of many of the Manx footpaths had been been taken up with Ministers by walker and ornithologist Allen Moore, who is environmental officer for the Mannin (Isle of Man) branch of the Celtic League. Allen had drawn attention to the great scenery and the asset provided by the network of public footpaths, especially the longer distance routes on the Island. However, they needed to be well maintained in order that this wonderful amenity could be enjoyed in safety by as many people as possible.


The Manx governments DOI have announced a plan to improve Public Rights of Way (PROW) around the Isle of Man over a ten-year period:…

The issue of lack of maintenance of PROWs had been highlighted in recent months by the Celtic League Mannin Branch Environmental Officer, Allen Moore.

Mr Moore will look at the government plans in due course but for now he is ‘surveying’ public footpaths in the Highlands of Scotland – and after that the West of Ireland so he should be able to provide a comparator on how much value the respective countries place on the amenity and tourism value of this public resource.


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