KPMG Tax Dodge - We Say 'Keep Up The Good Work CBC'

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like only yesterday that Canadian Broadcaster CBC interviewed the Speaker of the House of Keys Steve Rodan SHK about tax transparency and of course Steve waxed lyrical (see link):…/kpmg-tax-sham-could-lead-to-criminal-in…

Well that was almost a year ago at the July 2015 Tynwald so where are CBC – KPMG et al up to now?

Well like a dog with a well chewed bone they feel sure will still have some juice in CBC and the investigations team led by Harvey Cashore are still on the case and still uncovering new angles.

Here’s the latest in which they outline how KPMG as they put it:

“A respected Canadian law firm gave a crucial blessing to an offshore tax dodge using shell companies in the Isle of Man developed by accounting giant KPMG, which the Canada Revenue Agency now alleges was a "sham" that "intended to deceive" authorities.” (link):…/dentons-kpmg-offshore-tax-dodge-1.36182…

Just two days ago they revealed more with a ‘series of emails’ in which they revealed;

“Sales agents and tax executives inside KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms operating in Canada, debated the possibility that its Isle of Man tax dodge could violate the Canadian Income Tax Act, a series of emails and reports from within the firm reveal.” (link):…/busine…/kpmg-documents-insider-1.3615582

You just know this is going to run and run and yet the only folk to maintain a stony silence are the Manx government with the Chief Minister even disporting himself as some kind of ‘knight in shining armour’ at the recent Cameron anti-corruption summit.

Additionally KPMG locally haven’t said much but then likely they are not au fait with what there ‘big brother’ in Canada was about. Anyway KPMG IOM is one of those outfits Messrs Bell and Teare see as one of ‘the jewels in our economic crown’.

As for Celtic League we say ‘keep up the good work CBC’!

Image: ‘Top Canadian law firm endorsed controversial KPMG Isle of Man tax dodge’.

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