Emglev Bro an Oriant Call on Support for Reunification of Brittany Demonstration

Emglev Bro an Oriant have called on people to support the rally for the reunification of Brittany to be held in Nantes-Naoned on Saturday 19th April 2014. The gathering assembles in Place Bretagne at 15h in Nantes-Naoned. ‘Bretagne Réunie et le collectif 44=Breizh organisent une grande manifestation en faveur de la réunification le samedi 19 avril prochain à Nantes.’ The city of Nantes and the Loire-Atlantique Department in which it is situated were formerly part of the historic nation of Brittany. Loire-Atlantique, although culturally, historically and geographically united to Brittany was split from the other four departments by the Vichy regime in 1941. 

There is now growing support for reunification and an assembly with powers to work in the best interest of Brittany. This sentiment is particularly strong at this time when the government of France is seen to be hampering Breton economic development. 2014 is the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Anne of Brittany; the last independent ruler of Brittany. Anna Vreizh has been commemorated in ceremonies throughout Brittany. She represents a spirit of Brittany which continues to oppose centuries of discrimination against its culture and language. Many now see an independent Brittany as the only way to ensure the Breton nation’s future.


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