Disgusting! François Hollande Reported to have Dismissed Reunification of Brittany

The new suggested map of the regions has now been published and as suspected the perfect opportunity for the reunification of Brittany has been dismissed by French President François Hollande. Ever since the announcement of a reform of the French regions, hopes have been high that Nantes and the Loire-Atlantique would be reunited with the rest of Brittany. They were separated by the Fascist Vichy regime in 1941 and by failing to redress this atrocity François Hollande has by his actions confirmed that decision.

It is clear that the Breton people wanted their Brittany returned to its historic borders. All arguments, political, historical, social and cultural supported such an outcome. Now it is reported that Brittany and Pays de la Loire will remain as they are, so leaving Brittany’s historical capital City of Nantes still adrift from the rest of the Breton nation. François Hollande and his Socialist Party have acted in a way that can only be described as disgusting. It will not be forgotten by the people of Brittany. Those that made the mistake of voting for him in the past now know their error. In the end only political Parties that are totally focused on representing the Breton people can be trusted.

If it is thought that this decision will put an end to the campaign for the reunification of Brittany then those responsible need to think again. The campaign for reunification continues with added vigour! We also know the lesson for us is that we can only count on ourselves and ourselves alone in the political struggle within France. Needless to say the support received internationally is invaluable such as that of the Celtic League and the Breton organisations around the world. The fight goes on! 


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