This is an island in the north isles of Shetland that is about 82 square miles and second largest of the Shetland isles. A car-ferry service sails from Toft ferry port on northeast Mainland to Ulsta a village on the southwest of Yell. The island has been inhabited since Neolithic times and there are several broch sites and early chapels. One such broch is Burra Ness and the seaward side of the broch wall remains standing at over twelve feet. The site is located on the northeast of Yell south of the A968 at Burra Ness.

Old Haa Museum is located in Burravoe in the southeast of Yell. This Museum and Visitors Centre is located in a house built in 1672 by Robert Tyrie, a merchant. The museum also has a tea room, gallery and craft shop. It is open from May until September Tues-Thurs 10am-4pm and on Saturday at the same times and Sunday 2pm-5pm.

Bayanne House

This is located in the north of Yell and Basta Voe close to the A968. The museum and craft centre is open all year from 9am-9pm and also gives access to the Tafts of Bayanne the remains of an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.

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