Lochmaben Castle

Lochmaben Castle

Lochmaben Castle is a ruined thirteenth and fourteenth century castle rebuilt in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. To the south of the castle was an earlier twelfth century motte and bailey castle. The building of this castle began in about 1300 by the English King Edward the First. This was during the Wars of Scottish Independence. This was a series of military battles between Scotland and England in the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The fortress was fought over constantly during the fourteenth century swapping hands between the English and Scots several times. The English were finally ejected from the castle in the late fourteenth century by Archibald 'the Grim' who was Lord of Galloway. The remains of the castle that can be seen today are from the fourteenth century.

We visited this castle on a fine day in late summer. The castle is located on the southern end of Castle Loch. It is in an attractive and pleasant location standing as it does beside the loch. It is a perfect place for a picnic. Parts of the castle are not accessible as some of the structure is not stable. Nevertheless it is well worth visiting this site.

Getting there

The location of the site is in the town of Lochmaben (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Mhabain) which is about four miles to the west of Lockerbie (Scottish Gaelic: Locarbaidh) along the A709. Then taking the road B7020 south from Lochmaben and then a small road east to the site.

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