Irish Stew

Kindly supplied to us today by Ciaran from Dunmore, County Galway in Ireland

Ingredients for four people:

  • 1kg of Irish stewing lamb cut into about half to three-quarter inch pieces
  • 2 large chopped onions
  • 1kg of chopped floury potatoes
  • 2 large chopped carrots, chopped parsnip and a chopped leek, parsley, vegetable stock, salt and pepper.

Chop the lamb into pieces and fry the meat lightly until brown in vegetable oil. Place half the lamb in a casserole dish and then half of the chopped vegetables and parsley on top. Put the remaining lamp on top and then add the rest of the vegetables with the potatoes on top. Pour the stock (about 400 ml) over the top, bring to the boil. Place in oven at 160 C to simmer for an hour and a half to two hours. Put the rest of the parsley into the stew and season to taste.


Use four Irish lamb chops. Place directly into the casserole dish with all of the vegetables as above and half the parsley. Pour the vegetable stock over the ingredients. Put in over at 160 C for an hour and a half to two hours. Add parsley and seasoning to taste.


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