Aran Islands - Oileáin Árann

Dún Chonchuir Stone Fort

This fort is located on the island of Inis Meáin and has a very big inner wall of almost eight meters in width and a smaller outer wall around the east, south and north of the structure and with a ditch to the west. The islands can be reached by boat from Galway City.

Dún Ducathair Stone Fort

This is located on Inis Mór is located along the cliffs south of Kilronan. The fort is on the cliff top with the walls ending at the edge of the cliff. The island is reached by boat from Inis Meáin and Galway City.

Dún Eochla Stone Fort

This is a fort north northwest of Dún Ducathair at the highest point of Inis Mór. The structure was thought to have been built from the second half of the sixth to the early ninth century AD. Made of two sets of walls with the inner being terraced and enclosing a hut.

Clochanna Carraige Settlement

This is a dry stone early Christian corbel roofed hut/cell. It is situated west of Dún Eochla and to the north of the main road past Kilmurvy in Inis Mór, along a signposted footpath.

Dún Eoghanachta Stone Fort

This is a large circular Iron Age stone fort about ninety feet in diameter with twelve foot thick and sixteen feet high walls with stairs in places. Within it are the remains of a number of beehive huts/clochan. It is situated to the west of Clochanna Carraige Settlement on Inis Mór.

Dún Aonghasa Stone Fort

This is located south west of Kilmurvy and close to the village of Kilronan on the island of Inis Mór. It is the largest of a number of stone forts on the Aran Islands. This iron Age fort is set on the edge of a cliff about one hundred metres from the sea. The walls of the fort are built to a height of about six meters and four metres thick in places and have wall walks, chambers and flights of stairs. There has been some reconstruction. The fort goes right to the edge of the cliff and is made up of a series of four dry stone walls and outside of the third wall is a series of upright defensive stone slabs (cheval de frise). Within the site is also a large stone slab.

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