Redruth - Resrudh

Redruth/Resrudh is a town to the north east of Camborne and about nine miles west of Truro and developed with the expansion of the mining industry. The church of St Uny was built in 1756 on an original Norman site. Murdoch House built in the seventeenth century originally as a chapel is next door to St Rumon's Gardens. The Cornish Studies Centre in Alma Place houses the Tregellas Tapestries as well as books, maps and other written material. It is also the location of the Tourist Information Centre. On the edge of the town is Carn Brea the Neolithic Tor Enclosure and later Iron Age settlement. Carn Brea Castle, close to the top of the hill was originally built as a chapel, in 1379 and then rebuilt as a hunting lodge in the eighteenth century. The town has market and shopping facilities as well as other leisure industry outlets.

Redruth Railway Station is a main station with national links and there is a bus station with good connections to other area. The town is next to the A30 and the A3047 links it to Cambourne.

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