Boscawen-un Stone Circle

Boscawen Stone Circle is situated beneath the southern slopes of Creeg Tol. An enclosed circular bank built in the 19th century to replace an earlier boundary that bisected the circle. The oval shaped circle is made up of nineteen large upright stones. In the centre of the circle lies a tall stone with two axe carvings on it's north-east face. There are remains of later Bronze Age field systems in the area and of four Bronze Age barrows and a Neolithic/Bronze Age menhir to the north-east. The site is to the east of Crows-an-Wra and reached by a track that runs from the A30 towards Boscawenoon and Changwens farms which is a public right of way. There is also a path over open access land from the A30 to the north-west.

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