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Review of War Horse

The release of Steven Spielberg's film 'War Horse', based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo of the same name has met with worldwide acclaim. This follows the stunning theatre success in London and Broadway where it won five Tony's. War Horse has been nominated for Best Picture in the 2012 Academy Awards.

The First World War is the setting for this story of loyalty between a young conscript and his horse. It brings to mind the importance of remembering the men and women who have fought and died in war, but also the brave and vital efforts of the animals that served alongside them. In the First World War, while ten million men perished, the death rate amongst warhorses was proportionately higher with some eight million killed on all sides. Countless mules and donkeys also perished. Only sixty thousand of the one million horses sent from Britain to France returned. Many suffered horrific deaths from wounds, thirst, starvation, disease, exposure and exhaustion. All participants in the War used animals, including Cavalry Units from Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America.


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