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A warning to Spain about bullying Catalonia

The Spanish establishment are happy at the moment. They think that they have halted Catalonia's independence movement in its tracks by the use of legal manoeuvres after Spain's Constitutional Court suspended Catalonia's planned independence referendum. It acted on a request from the Spanish central government in Madrid. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told reporters: "Nobody and nothing will be allowed to break up Spain."  He is wrong and Catalonia needs to stand firm against the disgusting actions of the Spanish government.

Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth

It is 75 years since the first Welsh-medium school was established. Under the name of Urdd Gobaith Cymru but now called Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth it was founded in 1939 by Syr Ifan ab Owen Edwards under the guidance of Norah Isaac. From those early days education through the medium of the Welsh language has flourished throughout Wales. When Ysgol Gymraeg yr Urdd was opened in 1939 it only had six pupils, but today there are more than 400. 

1934 Gresford mining disaster remembered on 80th anniversary

In the village of Gresford in the north-east of Wales special services are being held today to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Gresford mining disaster. It was on 22 September in 1934 that an explosion in the coal mine caused the death of 261 miners, 3 rescue men and 1 surface worker. Of the men underground at the time only 11 bodies were recovered.

Speech delivered at Independence Gathering in Wales tonight by Mike Chappell, Convener Kernow Branch of The Celtic League

Many may view the result of the independence referendum in Scotland as a great loss. We must not see it that way and none will forget the panic caused amongst the self serving and thoroughly disreputable British establishment as they crawled their way to Scotland and offered all but their souls to keep their imperial Union intact.

Ewch Amdani Alba - Go For It Scotland! Support for Scottish Independence from Wales

The Welsh campaign group supporting Scottish independence Ewch Amdani Alba - Go For It Scotland is holding a rally on Saturday 13th September. It will be held at 2pm outside the Senedd in Cardiff. Ewch Amdani Alba!

Carwyn Jones wields his knife on Scotland. But he does not represent the views of Welsh people

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones writing in the Scottish Daily Record has said he would veto the idea of currency union if Scottish voters vote for independence! Of course you would expect Jones to try and do the dirty work for his UK masters. I’m sure the Westminster (UK) government will give him a nice little pat on the head for his simpering loyalty. But actually playing the strutting little Napoleon in Scotland all seems to have gone to Carwyn Jones head. As made clear by Scottish National Party Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie: 

Political leaders in Wales unite to adopt Welsh internet domain brands

As reported on WalesOnline all four main political parties in Wales have pledged to adopt Welsh internet domain brands. Plaid Cymru, Welsh Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will switch their web domains to when they become available later this year. 

Vote Yes to independence Scotland – a message with love from Wales

At the moment there is a barrage of publicity given by the London based media to any celebrity who happens to oppose Scottish independence. However, the message to Scotland from many people in other parts of the United Kingdom and beyond is Vote Yes Scotland. As reported in the Daily Wales Gwynedd Council has voted to support the campaign for Scottish independence. Gwynedd is an area in north-west Wales.

Dal Ati (Go for it). S4C launches new programmes in Welsh for learners

S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru) is a Welsh language public-service television broadcaster in Wales. It is aimed at a specifically Welsh speaking audience. At the Welsh National Eisteddfod, which is taking place this week, it has announced new programmes aimed at learners of the Welsh language and those seeking to improve their language skills. The title of the programmes will be Dal Ati (Go for it) and will start being broadcast from September 28.

Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg campaigners call for continued action in support of the Welsh language

Two members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society) were both fined £90 at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court on Friday 1 August. Robin Farrar and Bethan Williams, chair and former chair of the movement were involved in the painting of slogans, including “Addysg Gymraeg i Bawb” (Welsh-medium education for all) at the offices of the Government of Wales in Aberystwyth in May this year. They made it clear that they would not pay the fine and that further non-violent actions would continue.


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