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Yn Caggey Mooar. Ayns cooinaghtyn jeh shirveish-chaggee ny beiyn oney ooilley as y surranse oc er nyn son. Cha row reih erbee oc.

Va'n Caggey Mooar ayn rish kiare blein. Ayns y chaggey hooar ymmodee beiyn baase. ‘Ayns cooinaghtyn jeh shirveish-chaggee ny beiyn oney ooilley as y surranse oc er nyn son. Cha row reih erbee oc’. Focklyn scruit ayns Gaelg er y slongan liorish Beiyn Lhiaght Cooinaghtyn Caggee ayns Lunnin.

There is Stupid and then there is Really, Really Stupid! Germany’s Ultra-Left fit this Category Perfectly as Strausberg Horte Music Festival Organisers ban Scottish band for singing in Gaelic.

A German social centre has banned a Scottish band ‘Oi Polloi’ because it performs in the Gaelic language as well as in English! The band was due to perform at the Strausberg Horte in eastern Germany on March 1st. This all came to light from the band themselves who called for a boycott of the music festival organised by a so called Left-Wing socio-cultural collective.

Remembering the Solway Harvester

The storms that have battered the coasts around Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man and Scotland over recent weeks have caused considerable damage. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the atrocious conditions. It also brings into focus the perils faced by those whose livelihood depend upon fishing off our Celtic coasts.

Bannaghtyn y Shass greiney geuree

Bannaghtyn y Shass greiney geuree ooilley Cheltiagh pobble ayns Kernow, Alba, Éire, Cymru, Breizh  voin ayns Mannin 

(Greetings on Winter Solstice to all of the Celtic community in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany from us in Isle of Man)

Widespread Support for Gaelic Education in Scotland Exposes Anglophone Bigots

Analysis of a survey show widespread support in Scotland for Gaelic language education. In a report from the Scotsman newspaper on a Scottish Social Attitudes Survey-“When asked whether learning Gaelic was pointless in the 21st Century, 44 percent disagreed and only 22 per cent agreed”. The survey also reveals that a majority of those asked thought that some Gaelic should be taught to all five to sixteen year olds. When asked about the use of Gaelic in Gaelic speaking areas “87 per cent believed that it should be encouraged in Gaelic-speaking areas.”

Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

Press Release

Launch of Manx Gaelic version of 'Neen y Ghruffalo / the Gruffalo's Child

The continued growth in support and interest in the Manx Language will receive another boost shortly with the release of 'Neen y Ghruffalo/ the Gruffalo's Child.

Manx Gaelic Resurgence Continues to Gain International Recognition

The remarkable success story in the growth in the fortunes of the Manx Gaelic Language has been the subject of international interest for a number of years. This continues with the visit to the Island of Peter Muhlhausler, professor of liguistics at the University of Adelaide, Australia. As reported in 'IOM Today' Peter Muhlhauser has a particular interest in the language and people of Norfolk Island in the Pacific. Norfolk Island has a historical link with the Isle of Man having been settled by people from Pitcairn Island.

Cornish Language Radio (fund raising appeal). News From The Celtic League

An online Cornish language radio programme is just under £1000 and four days away from meeting a £5000 fund raising target to build a new website to host the free downloadable podcasts that aim to boost fluency among speakers.

Welcome Support for Scottish Gaelic Online Language Resource

Scotland’s government has given funding of £2m for an online Gaelic dictionary. Source material for a digital archive containing 30 million words has already started.

Sabhal Mor Ostaig UHI,Skye’s Gaelic language centre, is managing the project called Faclair na Gaidhlig. It will be in partnership with Aberdeen, Glasgow, Strathclyde and Edinburgh universities. Bord na Gaidhlig the Gaelic national body has been supporting the work for a number of years with contributions of £75,000 per year.

Celtic Cornwall

The Scottish referendum vote for independence is being looked at with interest by the other Celtic nations. This is also the case in Cornwall. Cornwall is recognised as one of the six Celtic nations and takes its place in both the ‘Celtic League’ and the ‘Celtic Congress’, along with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Brittany.


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