Cape Breton - Festival Celebrates the Scots Gaelic Speaking Community of Canada's Nova Scotia

The 23rd annual "Feis an Eilein" is being held in the Cape Breton community of Easter Island from August 20 through August 24.  The Festival's Home page, which is linked below, gives us: "A Feis (faysh) is a community-based festival designed to promote the Gaelic language and culture of an area. Today in Scotland the Feis Movement has grown to number approximately 36 community festivals.  The community of Christmas Island is home to the first Feis to be held outside of Scotland."  

March and Rally for Scottish Independence-Saturday 21 September 2013

The clock continues to run down towards the referendum vote for Scottish independence to be held in September 2014. As part of the on-going campaign in favour of a yes vote a March and Rally will be held in Edinburgh on Saturday 21 September 2013. Assembling between 11am – 12pm at The High Street, Edinburgh the march will go to Carlton Hill where a Rally will be held. For details go to the website of the Rally for Scottish Independence organisers.

Property Development in Wales Threatens the Welsh Language

As cited in a June 13, 2013 Transceltic NewsBlog article entitled "Welsh Language Under Assault from Property Developers - Charges that Local Councils have Sold Out", the impact that property development is having on Welsh speaking areas and the disruption to historical patterns of language usage remains a volatile and contentious issue.

Gaelic Triumph - Edinburgh Opens First Dedicated Gaelic School

In the news this week are reports on the opening of the first dedicated Gaelic school in Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh.  The school, known by it's Gaelic name "Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pairce" (Gael, Parkside Primary Scool) will boast 213 students and a Gaelic speaking staff of 30. Classes will be taught entirely in Gaelic.

Party Breton (Strollad Breizh) Calls for Reunited Brittany

In 1789, the separation of the provinces of France resulted in Brittany being split in five; the lower of the five, in which Nantes is situated, being Loire-Atlantique. Loire-Atlantique was itself split from the other four departments by the Vichy regime in 1941; a new region had been created centred on Nantes called the Pays de la Loir. This separation was done without recourse to the wishes of the Breton people.

Cornish Language Revival Strengthens - Wales Hailed as Inspiration

This week has seen multiple news reports on dramatic gains for the Cornish Language in Helston.  Councillor Martine Knight of Helston has been characterised in news accounts as an emerging champion of the Cornish tongue.

Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws Defends the Rights of Welsh Speakers

Proving true to the promises she made to the Welsh nation on assuming her post, the web site "Walesonline" reports Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws has issued the First Annual Report of the Language Commissioner. The report  details 488 complaints received by her office against Public Bodies and Private Companies who are alleged to have failed to comply with Welsh Language statutes.

Growth in Manx Economy Predicted

The economy of the Isle of Man (Manx: Mannin) is looking toward a growth rate of between 3 and 4 per cent this year. Figures for the three months up to the end of June show encouraging outlooks for manufacturing, shipping, e-business, tourism, clean technology and aircraft registration. These are postive outlooks for the island which is free from the incumbency of English dominated rule.

Guldize 2013

Message from the organisers of Guldize 2013, the Cornish harvest festival:

Following a break in 2012 the celebration of Guldize, The Cornish Feast Day at the end of the Harvest, returns to Penzance.

I am writing to invite you to the event which this year will be held on Saturday 28th of September 2013. 

Northern Ireland Executive Fails to Support the Irish Tongue - Violates European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages

The website "InsideIreland" reports in an article by Caira Hanna, that the Northern Ireland Executive has come under criticism for it's "..failure to submit details on the promotion and progress of the Irish Language to the British Government for inclusion in a European report."  This information is required to comply with the reporting requirements under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.


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