French Campaign Against Breton Language and Culture Continues

As reported in EurActive, the political establishment of France continues to discriminate against Breton and other minority languages that currently fall within their administration:

French centre-right MEPs voted against a resolution on endangered regional languages, passed by a large majority in the European Parliament this week, claiming that it violated the unity of the French Republic.
With 92%, EU lawmakers gave their overwhelming backing on Wednesday (11 September) to a report, prepared by the Green group, aimed at protecting endangered and minority languages across Europe.

Pub Crawler: Half Way to Saint Patrick's Day at Nolan's Irish Pub in Cocoa Beach

Celtic culture can be broadly defined as comprising Music, Myth, Dance and Language.  And keeping the culture alive through music is what John Nolan is doing every day of the week at Nolan's Irsh Pub in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Nolan, a native of County Wexford, maintains a Public House that is a center of Celtic culture in this Atlantic resort adjacent to Cape Canaveral.  Nolan's recently hosted a "Half Way to St. Patrick's Day" event with a local Irish band the "Wyndbreakers" featuring the Fiddle and Irish Bodhran drum.

European Parliament Moves to Protect The Cornish Language (Kernewek)

Under the headline "European Parliament's call to Protect Endangered Cornish Language", the website "thisisCornwall" reports on actions to be taken that will strengthen efforts to revive the Cornish tongue. The article states: "The European Parliament is to call on governments to do more to preserve regional languages such as Cornish, which is described as endangered."  This action follows a UNESCO report which also cites the status of Cornish. Language Interest Website - Champions in Promoting The Irish Tongue

The website "" is a good source of information and news on the progress being made to reclaim the Irish tongue from the damage done by the past and present enemies of Gaelic, the Offical Language of Ireland.  From the vicious persecution of Gaelic inflicted on Ireland by the English aristocracy to the misguided action of the Irish government in 1974 to nullify the requirement that civil servants be required to be fluent in Irish, the language of our Celtic heritage has suffered. 

Gaelic College of Cape Breton Combines Gaelic Language Instruction and Celtic Mythology

The Cape Breton Post website, under the headline "Gaelic Immersion Will Meet Halloween" reports that instructors at the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts "..will guide Gaelic language students through a series of lessons that remind of the importance of Halloween known as Oidhche Shamhna, in the Gaelic calendar."  Halloween, also known as the Celtic Feast day of Samhain, is rooted in Celtic Mythology and pre-christian Celtic religious practice. A time when the Otherworld opens and Faeries are said to roam and a time of danger for mortals.

Welsh Is Not A Second Language - Coalition Calls for Universal Welsh Medium Education

A broad coalition, including Rugby Coach Robin McBryde and MP Susan Elan Jones, have called in a letter to Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, to "abolish the teaching of Welsh as a 'second language' like French or Spanish." The coalition have endorsed the efforts of the Welsh Language Society in this regard.

Manx Gaelic Resurgence Continues to Gain International Recognition

The remarkable success story in the growth in the fortunes of the Manx Gaelic Language has been the subject of international interest for a number of years. This continues with the visit to the Island of Peter Muhlhausler, professor of liguistics at the University of Adelaide, Australia. As reported in 'IOM Today' Peter Muhlhauser has a particular interest in the language and people of Norfolk Island in the Pacific. Norfolk Island has a historical link with the Isle of Man having been settled by people from Pitcairn Island.

There is more to heritage than bricks and mortar

Cornish flag

That is the reason the Cornish language is so important.

Some say it dies out but it is again growing in popularity. It never became extinct. It exists in placenames, surnames as well as dialect. Indeed, it was probably spoken within families as well. It has always been a part of life in Cornwall.

Large sums of money are spent maintaining historic buildings but rather less has been spent on the Cornish language. In comparison, things have been done as cheaply as possible. But the Cornish language is both an ancient tongue and a living language.

EU Parliament Fails In Irish Translation - Violation of Language Statutes Charged

The Irish Independent reports that the Irish language Group, Stadas,  have filed a formal complaint against the European Union Parliament. The complaint states that Parliamant have failed to fully translate its website into Irish and thus "Violates a range of legal rules and principles."   The complaint further alleges that Parliament have failed to make Irish available on it's website in  "an adequate and proportionate way." 


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