Welsh Is Not A Second Language - Coalition Calls for Universal Welsh Medium Education

A broad coalition, including Rugby Coach Robin McBryde and MP Susan Elan Jones, have called in a letter to Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, to "abolish the teaching of Welsh as a 'second language' like French or Spanish." The coalition have endorsed the efforts of the Welsh Language Society in this regard.

"Wales-on-Line" report that in addition to McBryde and Jones, the letter was  signed by an impressive list of supporters reflecting deep bipartisan support for this initiative.  Signers of the letter to First Minister Jones include the first female ArchDruidess of the Gorsedd, Christine Jones, Assembly members Ann Jones (Labour) and Llyr Gruffyadd (Plaid Cymru),  Plaid Cymru MP Johnathan Edwards, Councillors and Educationalists. 

Ffred Ffransis, a spokesman for the Cymdeithas Yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society) is quoted in the Daily Post website: "Welsh is not a 'second' language but belongs to every young person in Wales, and it is an educational failing if pupils leave school at a disadvantage of being unable to communicate and work in Welsh in a modern bilingual country. We need a system where every pupil receives at least part of the curriculum through the medium of Welsh so that they can use the language confidently."