Wales - Painting Found In Swansea Museum Storeroom Is £3m Masterpiece

A painting found in a storeroom of Swansea Musuem (Welsh: Amgueddfa Abertawe) has turned out to be a 17th Century Flemish masterpiece worth about £3m. Thought to have been owned by the Museum for about 150 years it had been catalogued as the work of an unknown artist. Now it has been dated to between 1619 and 1622 and identified as the work of Flemish artist Jacob Jordaens (19 May 1593 – 18 October 1678). The painting is a preparatory oil study for Atalanta & Meleager, which now hangs in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The work, will go on display in Swansea Museum in October.


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