Voting Yes to Scottish Independence is good for your health

On BBC Radio programme Crossfire the former chief medical officer Sir Harry Burns said that a Yes vote in Scotland’s referendum would be beneficial for Scottish people’s health.  Sir Harry said that if people of an independent Scotland felt more in control of their lives "then that would be very positive for their health". He went on to say that  "If people felt that they were able to engage more with local government, with central government and make choices more easily for themselves then that would improve their health." The former surgeon added: "at the moment, decisions - particularly about the health service - being made in England are very different from the decisions being made in Scotland and that "that is very important because I fear for the way the health service is going in England."

His comments come after top consultant breast surgeon Dr Philippa Whitford warned about the direction the health service was taking south of the border. She advised that a Yes vote in favour of independence was needed to secure the future of the health service in Scotland.


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