Verdict accepted - but now pro-Union parties need to deliver on their promises of more devolution

Firstly we need to congratulate the Yes campaign in Scotland for the magnificent fight that they put up. They undoubtedly conducted the best campaign and had the strongest arguments. This battle is lost but the war is not. The fact that over 45% of the Scottish voters defied an absolute anti-independence media onslaught and threats from Westminster says a lot. 

We also know that the pro-Union parties came up with all kinds of promises of further devolution to the Scottish parliament. Now they need to deliver. We also know how vindictive and nasty the British establishment can be. They will seek their revenge on the Scottish for having even sought to defy their arrogant self perceived right to rule. Now is the time to force the pro-Union leaders to honour their promises of further devolution for Scotland. We know that if it hadn't been for this referendum they would not even have been promised in the first place. 

This was the message, as reported in the Scottish newspaper The Herald,  given by Alex Salmond when acknowledging the result this morning.

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