Using the Celtic Tongue To Build a Strong Economy - Scotland Partners With Gaelic Nova Scotia

Linguists are in broad agreement that a cornerstone of bringing a threatened language back to heath is a thriving economy within the language area.  And it is with this in mind that Nova Scotia's Office of Gaelic Affairs has invited Roddy MacLean, Scotland's Gaelic Language Ambassador 2012-2013, to give his advice on how to develop the tourism industry in the Gaelic speaking heartland of Cape Breton.

Mr. MacLean shared his vision that Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia are ready to capitalise on the Celtic language of Canada's Maritime to boost the economic benefits of "Gaelic Culture Tourism" and thus build the health of the tongue by using it to boost the economic health of Noth America's Gaidhealtachd. 

In an article in the Cape Breton Post under the headline "Gaelic Environment Tourism Explored", Ambasssador MacLean is quoted as follows:

"At home we use this knowledge in tourism to present to the people a special narrative the Gaelic people have of their own country. Instead of just giving this tartan tourism, which can be a bit shallow, we are actually saying we have this special language that gives us a special and unique understanding of Scotland and use that to present the country to visitors and allow them to enjoy that."

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