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Writing in his Scottish blog (link below) Scottish commentator Paul Kavanagh referenced the recent agreement on the BBC Charter and bemoaned the lack of a true National broadcaster in Scotland. He points out that countries with a much smaller population indeed tiny populations have National TV and Radio services:

“As this blog is forever pointing out, Catalonia has five TV channels of its own including a 24 hour news channel. Scotland gets 30 minutes of murrdurr, fitba and wee cute kittens after the news where we aren’t. Even tiny Gagauzia, a self governing territory in Moldova, with its 150,000 people is capable of sustaining a national broadcaster yet it’s one of the poorest parts of the poorest country in Europe. The Faroe Islands with their 49,000 population have a national broadcaster too, as does Greenland with its 56,000 people.”

In Mann which has appreciably more of a population than either the Faroe Islands or Greenland there is still no national TV service.

Manx Radio is referred to as the National broadcaster but in this day and age can you have a national broadcaster effectively chained to ‘steam’ radio.

The Island should by now have its own TV/Radio and multi media services the technology for which is getting progressively cheaper. However there still is a cost and its insanity of the first order that our politicians still allow millions of pound to flow to the United Kingdom’s broadcaster the BBC for what is effectively an overspill of the Corporations regional broadcast content.

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Image: The headquarters of Faroe Islands TV and Radio (Kringvarp Føroya) - photo by Arne List (Kiel Germany).


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