Tensions over Language Rights in Welsh Sport caroms on to Cricket Pitch

Language tensions spilled on to the Cricket pitch over the lack of respect for the Wesh language during a Cricket game.  As reported in the Western Telegraph, two players for Crymych walked off the field to protest remarks about the Welsh language made by members of visiting Lamphey: "Statements on the Crymych club Twitter page later that evening suggested that the players had walked off following criticism from the opposition over the batsmen's use of the Welsh language on the pitch."

Earlier this month the BBC reported tensions over charges that the Welsh sporting establishment have failed to recognise the Welsh tongue on equal footing with English.  The article cited that only 5 out of a total of 42 national governing bodies of Wesh sport provide a Welsh language web site. The BBC further reported that some of these governing bodies receive significant government subsidies. A spokeman for the pressure group "A Future For The language" (Dyfodol Yrr Laith) was quoted by the BBC: "Sport is especially appealing to young people and using the language in sports is key to ensuring that young people speak it outside school.  Several of the organisations concerned receive substantial public funding and it is wrong that they ignore the language in their activities. There is a need for the government to ensure the langauge is being used extensively by organisations that receive public funding and they should question whether or not they should continue to receive funding if they do not use the language."