Surge in Support for Scottish National Party

It has recently been announced that membership of the Scottish National Party (SNP) has risen by a remarkable 45,000 since the referendum. This new level of support is also reflected in latest opinion polls. Samples of daily opinion polls by YouGov this week in regard to next years UK General Election has the nationalists on 38.6 per cent, compared to support for Labour at 29.3 per cent. A Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday last week shows support for the SNP at the next Holyrood (Scottish Parliament - Scottish Gaelic: Pàrlamaid na h-Alba) election in 2016 standing at 49 per cent. This is four points up on the staggeringly successful 2011 Scottish election which saw the SNP take overall control.

SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay commented:

"This analysis of voting intentions for the next Westminster election is another indication of the rising support the SNP is attracting across Scotland.

He went on to say: "It is the latest warning sign for Labour who find themselves in an increasingly precarious position in Scotland after their referendum alliance with the Tories.

"It is clear from the surge in support we have seen that people across Scotland are putting their trust in the SNP to stand up for Scotland’s interests - and to hold the Westminster parties to their vow of extensive new powers for Scotland."


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