Support building for massive demonstration in Nantes on September 27 for the reunification of Brittany

Momentum is building for the largest demonstration yet in favour of the reunification of Brittany. Social, cultural and political organisations across Brittany are working to send members and supporters to the rally in Nantes on September 27. Parti Breton (Breton: Strollad Breizh) are amongst those calling for a massive turnout for the event. The people of Brittany are demanding the restoration of their historic borders. This means the return of the Loire Atlantique, containing the ancient capital of Nantes, which was torn adrift from the rest of the Breton nation by the Vichy regime in 1941. The stakes are high for within the French state are those who seek to further undermine Brittany by merging it with the artificially created region of Pays de la Loire. 

This will be the third such demonstration called in Nantes in recent months. Each one has attracted more people with the April 19th and June 28th protests attracting 10,000 and 15,000 people respectively. The Breton peoples demand for reunification will not go away as hoped for by the French government.  A united autonomous Brittany offers the hope of economic regeneration and jobs. Contrast this with the hopeless economic situation that presides over France at the moment – high unemployment and no economic growth. The French Government under unpopular President François Hollande staggers from crisis to crisis. A united autonomous Brittany will provide hope for the future. The demonstration takes place in Nantes on September 27.


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