Statement from Cornish Branch of the Celtic League - Catalonia

Statement from Cornish Branch of the Celtic League

The following statement has been agreed by the membership of An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Gernewek – The Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League:

“The Cornish Branch of the Celtic League condemns the decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court to suspend Catalonia's planned independence referendum.

The Branch notes that Catalans, unhappy with the Spanish state's refusal to devolve powers, have been energised by Scotland's recent referendum campaign. We note also that many of the independence protestors have carried Scottish flags and the flags of other Celtic and small Nations on demonstrations.

The Catalan Parliament voted 106 to 28 in favour of granting Catalonia's president the power to hold a referendum.

We call on the Spanish Government to respect the right of the Catalan people to national self determination."

6th October, 2014 -

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