Speech delivered at Independence Gathering in Wales tonight by Mike Chappell, Convener Kernow Branch of The Celtic League

Many may view the result of the independence referendum in Scotland as a great loss. We must not see it that way and none will forget the panic caused amongst the self serving and thoroughly disreputable British establishment as they crawled their way to Scotland and offered all but their souls to keep their imperial Union intact.

The people of Scotland have reignited democracy with a turn out of electors on levels never before witnessed. This democracy has come despite all that the establishment could do to repress it.

This was a case of people up democracy and not political party down dictatorship and leaving aside the fact that nothing precludes another referendum in the future, governance in these islands will never again be the same.
The people of Scotland will gain enormous and increased powers over their own affairs the like of which has never before been witnessed on these shores. They will be all but independent.
They will no longer be forced into picking up the crumbs from beneath the table but now sit for the full meal at the table of democracy.
A fire has now been lit and this will spread. There are already calls for greater powers from Wales, from the North of Ireland, from the regions and large cities of England and indeed from my own beloved Cornwall, that ancient Celtic land of the West Welsh, as old as your own. Further afield, the people of Catalunya, of brutalised and battered Brittany, our fellow Celtic Nation, of Corsica, of the Basque country, of Flanders, of Bavaria, of the north of Italy and elsewhere all gain in confidence and a new Europe surely looms. This fire will be a beacon. A shining light to us all.
The people are disillusioned with central governments and in our case with Westminster. Corruption and expense fiddling abounds and these governments no longer serve the people, they actually dictate down to them.
Those amongst us who are younger will again see another referendum in Scotland in their lifetimes and eventual full independence.
Many of us hope to see another beacon lit here in Cymru and held aloft by a proud, indigeneous people with a heritage which, like my own, predates that of England's and the arrival of the English.
The old ways are changing and we must embrace that change. Westminster has brought this upon themselves. They have told lies, outright lies, blatant lies as witnessed in the wars conducted based on threats which did not exist, as in the case of the so called Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. A government which adds murder to the long list of crimes it has committed. Well, not in our names!
Governments are there for us, we are not there for them.
Wales can do better for itself. My homeland of Cornwall can do better for itself. It must look to its great past and its heroes, to the echoes of their words and brave inspiration down the years and then take its coat off to the future. Be proud, be outspoken, be arrogant. This is the only thing their decaying system understands.
Do not ask them, demand what is yours from them and if they fail to listen then they will surely be the authors of their own demise.
They will reap the subsequent whirlwind!
Kembry ha Kernow bys vykken! Cymru am byth!
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