SNP Member of Parliament Slams MOD Decision Over Sub Training Area

News from the Celtic League:

Politicians and local fishermen have reacted sharply to a decision by the UK Ministry of Defence to designate at area of the West of Scotland off-limits to fishermen to allow a larger area for submarine training.

Gail Ross the SNP MP for the area has lodged a strong protest saying:

“It is hugely disappointing that the Ministry of Defence took the decision to advance the extension of the Raasay Ranges – in the face of overwhelming evidence that this will likely have a negative impact upon the local fishing fleet in terms of lost earnings or, worse, lost livelihoods.

“I urge you to look closely at the case for reversing this decision.”

She also said:

“Long gone are the days when the MoD could just please themselves, treating the west Highlands like a wild west shooting range.”

Training in sea fishery areas by submarines poses a very real threat to fishermen at the best of times as evidenced by the snagging of nets by submarines in coastal waters. Several incidents have occurred in recent years off Scotland and the North of Ireland – most recently the Co Antrim vessel MFV Karen.

On the other hand British submariners obviously need training if only to work out the land from the sea!

In the area south of Applecross near Kyle of Lochalsh (mentioned in the attached report by Scotland’s National newspaper) the Astute class nuclear submarine HMS Astute ran aground and had to be recovered by the Emergency Towing Vessel Anglian Prince some years ago. The Captain was subsequently court-martailed and stripped of command (link below).

Range extension protest link – The National:…/msp-slams-mod-for-ill-informe…

HMS Astute incident links:…/navy-submarine-aground-errors…

Image: HMS Astute firmly aground

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