Shock Poll Results - Majority of Native Born Scots Favour Independence - English Born Community Is Fifth Column

" Only 28% of English - born voters say they will vote yes..."

With less than 5 months before Scotland's historic vote on independence, the " The Scotsman" is reporting that native born Scots favour independence by a 42% to 40% margin. The shocking element to this story is that the vote will be determined by Scotland's significant Anglo-Saxon community.  Not much can be added to this account in the Scotsman, which is linked below, under the headline "Scottish Independence Poll: Yes on the the Brink of Victory - The Extreme Negativity Of The No Campaign Is Playing Into The Hands Of Alex Salmond".

Citing results of an independent survey conducted by the prestigious polling firm ICM, a subsidiary of Creston, PLC a marketing services company, the article cites the significant impact on the referendum of voters who were not born in Scotland.  This excerpt from the article sums up the current state of the campaign:  "..analysis reveals that 460,000 people who live in Scotland but were born in England could play a major role in the outcome. In a tight race they (English born residents of Scotland) could hold the key to the referendum...They are more likely to retain a sense of British identity...".

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