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16 Mys Kevardhu 2017

Grand Bard Speaks Out!

All sane folks must surely support the words of the Grand Bard, Dr Merv Davey reported in Cornwall's very own bespoke newspaper 'Cornish Stuff'.

Link here:

Dr Davey has reinforced the concerns of so very many in his hard hitting letter sent to Cornwall Council (or should we say 'Kremlin Kernow' which is what more and more locals call the place and which resulted in one Council employee being dragged over the coals for daring to use the phrase!). 

Whilst Kremlin Kernow (KK) continues to waste huge sums on blow in consultants, one such costing £75,000 (!), in their frankly silly attempts to rebrand our land of Cornwall, more and more feel that the people of Cornwall an what we are is being overlooked in favour of the tourists. 

Certainly discussions on the larger social media sites we administer confirm this fact along with a few other thoughts about Cornwall Council which they attempted to bury.

Cornwall Council frequently features in 'Private Eye' Magazine where it has been declared a 'Rotten Borough' time after time. We are also aware that public perception of the Council is low and steadily reducing. A very well buried Cornwall Council Residents' Survey 2017 showed just 17% of residents think that Cornwall Council "enables me to influence Council decision in my local area" with only 25% of respondents considering Cornwall Council "trustworthy".

The Grand Bard's letters is reproduced below:

"Cornwall Council Budget and Business Plan Consultation December 2017Thank you for your invitation to the Budget and Business Plan briefing sessions which were useful and informative. Gorsedh Kernow will be social networking the website links you have provided to facilitate the consultation and will encourage people to make their own contributions.

Gorsedh Kernow represents civic and cultural identity in Cornwall and we are concerned at the absence of any mention of these in the Budget and Business plan. We recognise that the Council faces a very serious challenge in meeting the budget targets for the next five years and that the business plan reflects this. Gorsedh Kernow would nevertheless remind the Council that respecting, promoting and capitalising on Cornwall’s distinct cultural identity is also part of the Council’s business.

Gorsedh Kernow would identify the following key issues which should be addressed by the Business and Budget plan:

Cornish National Minority Status / heritage: The FCNM recognition of Cornish National Minority Status has a powerful and positive impact upon the heritage and tourist sectors. This is recognised in section 44 and 45 of the Cornwall Devolution Deal. The Council should be clear in the business plan about how it is supporting the development of both tangible and intangible heritage. Gorsedh Kernow is aware that both Cornwall Council officers and elected members work extremely effectively with voluntary organisations in the development of this sector. It seems disloyal not to recognise this in the business plan.

Cornish National Minority Status / internationalism: as well as offering protection to the Cornish minority group this focuses on the development of the cultures of national minorities and fostering contacts and collaborations between them. The business plan should include the Council’s commitment here and identify the resources that will be made available for this.

Census development: resources need to be identified that will actively and positively support the Census development and the commissioning of consequent tables and data that will strengthen Cornwall’s case across a range of needs.

World Heritage Site: this is a key asset for a globally connected Cornwall in the wake of Brexit which offers both overseas promotion and collaboration with the Cornish Diaspora. For example, the Cornish mining region in South Australia is poised for World Heritage site recognition and the council needs to be committed in its business plan to exploring the commercial and cultural opportunities this offers.

The Cornish Language: Kernewek is protected under the Council of Europe’s charter for regional and minority languages and in reality this responsibility is increasingly falling to Cornwall Council. The survival and rekindling of Kernewek is a matter for international acclaim for Cornwall. The promotional opportunities of Cornwall having its own distinctive language are also being taken advantage of by the tourist and leisure industries. Notwithstanding the dispute with Central government over funding, Kernewek has a place within the Council’s business plan.

Culture and Well Being: the importance of work / life balance is universally recognised within employment and health care. Culture and environment are key factors in helping people to achieve this balance and therefore the key to sustainability. This issue is also of fundamental relevance and importance to the residential population of Cornwall who would be forgiven for thinking that Cornwall Council’s attention is often too heavily focused on the well-being of tourists rather than the majority of their council tax payers.

Real Cornish Culture: Gorsedh Kernow urges the Council to acknowledge real Cornish culture, rather than just culture in Cornwall, as a positive identifier for this distinct part of Great Britain, which sits well within the current boundary west of the Tamar, rather than a wider homogenous so-called “Great South West”. Cornwall’s unique tangible and intangible culture is the envy of many and is unmatched elsewhere in the rest of Great Britain and beyond.

Gorsedh Kernow urges Cornwall Council to make direct reference to and address these key cultural issues in the Business and Budget plan.

Dr Merv Davey, Grand Bard, Gorsedh Kernow"

Planning Revelations Continue!

Have YOU seen, read and considered signing this petition? If not, please seriously consider doing so and sharing it around.

Link here:

4,134 folks have read about the revelations and indeed allegations contained within the lively petition site and we understand that it is drawing attention from outside the Duchy as the shenanigans of more and more occupants of Kremlin Kernow (KK) are revealed.

We all know that Cornwall has been branded a 'developers' paradise' by a former KK senior officer. But now with rising levels of pollution and a fast failing health service with Treliske Hospital on yet another 'black alert', his words are fast coming to haunt us. 

We have written to Greenpeace UK flagging air pollution problems in Cornwall and seeking their advice.

The petition is not under our control and remains independent. KK continue to issue all manner of nasty and bullying threats naturally. Such is their way! The truth often hurts as we all know.

"A Celtic axis turns on upsetting a United Kingdom dominated by England"

"Cultural nationalists in Scotland have long dreamed of creating a political alliance of the Celtic fringe with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, even the Isle of Man and Cornwall coming together to realise a common destiny. History and geography have prevented this dream becoming a reality, at least outside folk music networks such as Celtic Connections. But thanks to Brexit, this Celtic Axis may soon become a political, and even a constitutional, fact" says journalist Iain Macwhirter in his article in The Herald of 13th December, 2017.

Meanwhile, in Radio 4's 'Catalonia and Cornwall' broadcast on 12th December, 2017, Jonathan Freedland compares the Catalan government's recent bid for independence with a moment during the English Civil War when the military commander, Sir Richard Grenville, devised a plan to gain more autonomy for Cornwall. Jonathan and his guests visit historic locations in Launceston, the ancient capital of Cornwall, where this story took place. Mark Stoyle, Professor of Early Modern History at Southampton University, Sebastian Balfour, Emeritus Professor of Contemporary Spanish Studies at the London School of Economics, Cllr Dr Loveday Jenkin, of Mebyon Kernow, the Party for Cornwall and actor Beatie Edney who played Prudie in the Poldark.

It's worth a listen although there are inaccuracies in the historical perspective but it's good to hear the history of Cornwall being given a wider audience and to hear Dr Jenkin making the case for greater autonomy for Kernow - and a bit of Kernewek too!

Link here:

Cornwall launches campaign for census tickbox

We Cornish people want parity with Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish and we urge Westminster ministers to follow up on official minority status. This is our right and we demand it. We commend Cllr 'Cap'n' Dick Cole and the efforts of his team in this respect and know that they have met up with the Office for National Statistics.

This demand featured in the Guardian newspaper on Wednesday 13th December, 2017 in an article by Steven Morris and this was also covered in the BBC Daily Politics Show to which a link here:

Many have been forced to write in 'Cornish' on the census and many more refused to fill the thing out at all and despite threats, avoid court action.  The system is in decline and as many are finding out, now is the time to start challenging it.

We are all aware that the system is struggling following cut backs and with the massive Brexit divorce bill on the way, the bankruptedWestminster system will become indebted even more. Never mind, the rot will continue inside the Palace of Westminster, the bloated expense claims will still be made, the little drinks parties paid for by the poorest will continue, acts of sexual depravity go unreported and uninvestigated and Lords will still go a-leaping for their £300 daily rate.

Seasons greetings to you - Gorhemmynadow an Seson re 'gas bo

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you - Nadelek Lowen ha Bledhen Noweth da re 'gas bo

With Christmas greetings - Gans gorhemmynadow Nadelek

With every good wish for the Season - Gans pup bolunjeth da rag an Seson

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Grand Bard Dr Merv Davey

Kremlin Kernow

Professor Mark Stoyle

Cllr Dr Loveday Jenkin

Cllr Dick Cole


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