Scottish Secretary David Mundell Fails to Give Convincing Answer On Smear Campaign Scandal

David Mundell who is the current Scottish Secretary gave a very evasive 'answer' about any involvement he might have had in the smear campaign against SNP Leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Prior to the General Election the Scottish National Party were riding high in the opinion polls. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister and Scottish National Party leader was becoming increasingly popular. It was clear the British establishment and their friends in the media were panicked. There then began a smear campaign against Scotland's First Minister. 

The claim was that Nicola Sturgeon said to the French Ambassador that she would prefer the Conservatives to win the United Kingdom General Election. Potentially very damaging in Scotland where the Conservative Party is deeply unpopular. The story was fed to the London controlled media by a senior British civil servant, who of course gobbled it up with glee. It has since emerged that the deceitful and scheming Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael, who is the Member of Parliament for the Scottish UK Parliamentary constituency of Orkney and Shetland was responsible for the leak of false information that was intended to damage Nicola Sturgeon. At the time this was the man who was supposed to represent Scotland in the UK Cabinet! Calls for hin to stand down as an MP continue. Meanwhile David Mundell MP was then the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland which has raised questions about any possible involvement he might have had. Answers such as shown in this video clip from the 'Wings Over Scotland' website will not put this matter to rest!

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