Scottish National Party Leader and Scotland’s First Minister tells SNP Conference - ‘We Are Scotland’s Independence Generation’.

At the Scottish National Party Conference in Perthshire, Scotland, Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland spoke to a packed and enthusiastic conference hall. Outlining a clear programme of gain for the Scottish people within an independent Scotland, he outlined the benefits for Scotland if people voted Yes to Scottish Independence.

Scotland's First Minister revealed the Scottish Government’s Independence White Paper which will give a detailed case for independence is to be published on 26 November, ahead of the referendum itself, on 18 September next year. The SNP leader said the white paper would have two objectives, firstly to set out what would happen between achieving a "yes" vote in the referendum and the first elections to an independent Scottish Parliament, in the spring of 2016.  “Secondly, the white paper will set out our vision for Scotland”.

Alex Salmond talked of the good things already achieved for the Scottish people since having a devolved Parliament which now has a majority Scottish National Party government.  However, the SNP leader challenged the media portrayal of a yes vote as a vote for the SNP, He pointed out that a vote for Yes on September 18th 2014 was not a vote for him, the SNP or even the Yes campaign, but a vote of confidence in Scotland itself. He went on: "It will therefore be clear that independence is not, at its heart, about this party or this administration or this first minister but about the fundamental democratic choice for Scotland - the people's right to choose a government of their own.

Mr Salmond said when voting "yes" in the referendum: "It will be, above all, an act of national self confidence and national self belief".

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