Scottish Highlands Councillors Urged To Learn Gaelic

Councillors representing the Scottish Highlands have been publicly urged, at the behest of the Highland Council (Comhairle na Gailhealtachd) to learn Gaelic.  According to a recent article in the Lochaber News, less than 10% of the 80 Councillors representing Highlands’s districts can speak Gaelic. The call for Councillors to receive Gaelic instruction comes in connection with the introduction of a language plan required by statute.  The article quotes Hamish Fraser, Chair of the Highland Council Gaelic Implementation Group, who represents the 11th Ward on the Isle of Skye, as being hopeful that as many of his colleagues as possible would attend the training.

The Gaelic Implementation Group at its February 14 2013 session, considered issues ranging from bi-lingual road signage, fostering the use of Gaelic in the work place and the ongoing issues stemming from a shortage of Gaelic speaking teachers.

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