Scottish and Welsh politicians condemn deal between UK Government and DUP

Political leaders in Scotland and Wales have condemned the £1 billion deal between the UK Government and the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party. The deal has been described as “grubby”, a “straight bung” and “unacceptable”.  First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said the £1 billion in new funding for Northern Ireland meant any sense of fairness had been sacrificed to help Theresa May cling to power. First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones said it had “killed” the idea of fair funding for the devolved nations. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood called the deal a "bribe"

The arrangement between the Conservatives and DUP comes after lengthy negotiations which began on June 9 after the UK General Election. The Conservative Party failed to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons, this is known as a situation of no overall control, or a 'hung Parliament'. Under a “supply and confidence” arrangement, the DUP guarantees that its 10 MPs will vote with the Government to ensure the Government can get its business through Parliament. This will give the UK Prime Minister just enough MPs to clear the 326 level required for an absolute majority in the House of Commons, ensuring her victory in key divisions.

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